Planning for Success in a Global Market

A former global executive at Johnson & Johnson, Stefano Curti now applies the expertise he gained working for J&J to a new venture capital firm he started up in Silicon Valley, California. Stefano Curti’s most recent position at J&J was global president, skincare (Baby and Beauty). Curti’s responsibilities included enhancing market penetration and sales of various brands, such as Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Lubriderm, as well as developing and launching new products.

Recently, Curti gave the keynote address to masters of business administration students at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He described worldwide trends that significantly affected multinational corporations in the beauty industry and others. One example is the concentration of customers in urban areas. Another is the influence of a growing middle class in Asia and Latin America, particularly in Brazil. A slowing of the birth rate also has repercussions, with increased numbers of Asian and Hispanic children.

To deal with these changes, multinational corporations can take proactive steps. These companies should develop unique brands with minimal overlap. Each brand should have a specific heritage and careful positioning in a globalized economy; it is important to determine which ones have the most growth potential.


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