Stefano Curti – A Look at Value Migration

The former global president of skincare for Johnson & Johnson, Stefano Curti recently started a venture capital and innovation incubator firm. While with J&J, he launched innovative products such as Neutrogena Wave Cleanser. In April 2014, Stanford University invited Stefano Curti to discuss business matters, including value migration.

Through value migration, companies transform pre-existing methods and businesses to make them appeal to the modern consumer. Using a combination of research into trends and marketing, businesses can determine what current customers want and respond to their expectations. A value migration system can prolong a company’s success by allowing it to remain ahead of the curve and evolve with changing market needs.

Value migration occurs in numerous forms. The inclusion of personal televisions and movies on airplanes allows the entertainment and aviation industries to mutually benefit while giving clients something they desire. Microsoft/Corel WordPerfect’s partnership provides revenue opportunities to both companies, as well as crucial software. Additionally, a single company can take advantage of value migration within itself by creating links between multiple departments. For example, IBM mainframe computers easily integrate with IBM personal computers. Another recent form of value migration is the shift in computer companies to promoting smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices over traditional personal computers.


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