Stefano Curti – Personal Care Products Council

A veteran of the skin care and beauty field, Stefano Curti dedicated more than 20 years to Johnson & Johnson and left the firm as its global president of skincare. Stefano Curti supplemented his responsibilities at J&J by serving as a board member with the Personal Care Products Council.

For 120 years, the Personal Care Products Council has served as a trade association for those in the cosmetic and personal care fields. Hundreds of firms that produce or sell shampoo, toothpastes, makeup, and moisturizer belong to the organization. It investigates scientific, regulatory, legal, and legislative issues in the industry, while representing its members before the state and federal governments.

As part of its mission, the Personal Care Products Council remains dedicated to protecting the environment and consumers. In April 2014, it joined with the Alliance for the Great Lakes and the Illinois Environmental Council to offer a statement on the use of micro beads in cosmetic and personal care products. The group issued its statement in response to Illinois Senate Bill 2727, which plans to phase out and eliminate the manufacture and sale of plastic micro beads in Illinois by December 2017. While the Personal Care Products Council acknowledges the exfoliating properties and positive safety record of micro beads, it agreed to support the bill, acknowledging the concerns many have regarding micro beads’ use on the environment, despite their “not [being] a significant contributor” to water pollution.


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